FAQs About Temporary Protection Orders (TPOs)

Within hours of receiving the order, most Sheriff Departments will begin attempting to serve the Respondent. If they have trouble finding the Respondent, it may take longer. If the order is to be served in a county other than Walker, Dade, Chattooga, or Catoosa, it will be mailed and may delay service.

Some officers will contact you to let you know they have served the Respondent. If you have not heard from the Sheriff’s Department 24 hours after your order has been filed, you may contact the Sheriff's Department and ask if it was served. *Please see attached list *

After the Respondent has been served, you will need to contact the Sheriff’s Department and schedule an appointment for an officer to escort you to get your belongings.

• If you want to dismiss your order, you will need to contact your advocate as soon as possible; Our office number is 706.638.0402. Your advocate will need to put you on the court calendar. You will need to come to court, either on the original court date you were given, or the advocate will tell you the next available court date.
* Advocates cannot request dismissals on your behalf. You must appear before a Superior Court Judge to request a dismissal. Dismissals are granted at the Judge’s discretion. *

No. Cell phones are not allowed inside the courthouse. If you have evidence on your phone that you feel the Judge needs to see, come into court and let your advocate know. Your advocate will walk out with you to get your phone and bring it into the courtroom for you. * Please be sure your phone is on silent before the advocate brings it in. *

If the Respondent has been served and violates the order, contact the Sheriff’s Department immediately and file a report.

You must appear before a Superior Court Judge to determine if your order will be granted for 12 months. Advocates are NOT attorneys and cannot speak for you in court. We are there for support. Be sure to bring any evidence you have and be prepared to speak with the Judge. After the Judge has made their ruling, you may go to the clerk’s office to get a copy, or the advocate can email you a copy. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive a copy via email.

If you see that you are going to be late or cannot make it to court, you will need to call the Superior Court Clerk’s office in the county where your case is being heard as soon as possible. If you call after 8:50 am and court has begun, there is a possibility that the Judge has already called and ruled on your case. You will also need to contact your advocate to let them know. Advocates cannot speak for you in court.

Yes. The 12-month order must be in place 11 months before we can begin the process to make it permanent. 1 month before your order expires, you will need to contact your advocate to see if you qualify for a Permanent order. The expiration date can be found on the front page of your 12-month order. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your advocate. Our office number is 706.638.0402. Your advocate can also be reached via email.

Sheriff’s Departments:
Catoosa County - 706.935.2424
Walker County - 706.638.1909 (Civil Processing ext. 1229)
Chattooga County - 706.857.3411
Dade County - 706.657.3233